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Annelover's Member Page 
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Basic Information & Statistics
Member Since: February 13, 2006
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Race: Black
Nationality: Haitian
Relationship Status: Unspecified
Location: port au prince,
Country: Haiti
Haitian Hometown: N/A
Last Login: More than 2 weeks
Status: Offline
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Personal Message
i just to find the men of my live so i got my brother PATRICK that i love so much and need to take care of him say to everybody stay in the low waitin for his time to comin out my family say good live
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Favorite Haitian Bands
Carimi, Dega, Djakout Mizik, Kdans, Nu Look, Sweet Micky, T-Vice, Tropicana, Zenglen, Zin
Favorite Haitian Foods
Calalou, Chitaille, Dinde, Fresko, Griot, Jus Corosol, Legumes Beregene, Marinades, Pain Patate, Poisson, Poisson Gros Sel, Poulet, Ragout, Riz Djon Djon, Riz Nationale, Tassot, Tomb Tomb
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