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  Falling in love with Jesus was the Best thing that ever happened to me. =) #PointBlank 

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Member Since: September 06, 2011
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Race: Unspecified
Nationality: Haitian
Relationship Status: Single
Location: , FL
Country: United States
Haitian Hometown: N/A
Last Login: More than 2 weeks
Status: Offline
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Personal Message
Proud Haitian. Zzzzoooeee to the Core. 18 years of age. 6ft. Single. Christian. Educated. God fearing. I Love Kompa, Traveling, && Shopping. Resident of FL until fall '12. Future NY resident. =) I love to talk and get to know people. I interest in alot. I'm friendly and respectful. Hmu on FB bcus I get on there more. Carlie BossChuchi
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Favorite Haitian Bands
Alan Cave, Carimi, Gabel, Harmonik, Kdans, Nu Look, T-Vice
Favorite Haitian Foods
Griot, Jus Corosol, Legumes Beregene, Marinades, Riz Djon Djon
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