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Kinglee84's Member Page 
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  1 LIFE, 1 LOVE,1 KILL.  

Basic Information & Statistics
Member Since: February 27, 2005
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Race: Black
Nationality: Haitian
Relationship Status: Single
Location: lake worth , FL
Country: United States
Haitian Hometown: Delmas
Last Login: More than 2 weeks
Status: Offline
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Personal Message
IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE? I lost her somewhere down that long hard and cold road that I travel every single day of my life...I would go back but I cant...too much pain and suffering...to many memories that I care not to think about again....Please help me...I could lose it any TIME ANY day now...I am slowly melting away to nothing....one day I will be nothing...I dont want that for myself nor do YOU.I cry but no one can hear me...I plead but no one cares...I beg but one gives in...This is just too much for me... WOULD YOU EVER BE FIND AGAIN
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Favorite Haitian Bands
Alan Cave, Dzine, King Posse, Kreyol La, Nu Look, Sweet Micky, T-Vice, Top Vice, Zenglen, Zin
Favorite Haitian Foods
AK-100, Fresko, Kremas, Lambi, Marinades, Pain Patate, Papita, Poisson, Poisson Gros Sel, Riz Djon Djon
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