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Koujoll's Member Page 
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Current Status
  Please do not hesitate to send me your request,Hit me I could be the best friend you ever had. 

Basic Information & Statistics
Member Since: April 27, 2008
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Race: Black
Nationality: Haitian-American
Relationship Status: Unspecified
Location: jersey city, NJ
Country: United States
Haitian Hometown: Delmas
Last Login: More than 2 weeks
Status: Offline
Total Hits:
Personal Message
Hello ladies, when I ask you for a friendship, I am not asking you to marry me. If you worry about my pics so much just accept my request and I will provide you with my private line, email address and my pics. Remember, I am here just to make friends and try to go along with the flow. I am proud to be haitian and love being around my own kind. I am not ashame of being Haitian, I don't put my pics for a special reason but they are available upon your request. There are many people who don't post their real pics, I don't want to do it that way. For those who write me and said they reject my request because I don't have a pic,just remember I am not on my knees proposing to you. I love you all and respect your opinion but I am sorry I can't post my pics yet online. My phone,email address and name are all available to you upon your request. It's okay you can make a request I won't deny you Thank you
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Favorite Haitian Bands
Alan Cave, Coupe Cloue, Djakout Mizik, Freres Dejean, Gracia Delva, Harmonik, Kdans, Kreyol La, Magnum Band, Mass Compas, Nu Look, Skah Shah, Sweet Micky, Tabou Combo, Zenglen
Favorite Haitian Foods
Accra, AK-100, Boulette, Griot, Jus Corosol, Kremas, Lambi, Legumes Beregene, Mais Moulu, Marinades, Pain Patate, Poisson, Poisson Gros Sel, Poulet, Riz Djon Djon, Riz Nationale, Tassot
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